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Willowbrook Foods £11million deal with Lidl Supermarket

This week we announced our exciting new deal with Lidl Supermarket! This saw our previous contract with Lidl increase from £6million to £11million due to our outstanding 83% boost in the last year!

“Since the early days Willowbrook Foods has been a leader in providing premium prepared fresh vegetables and salads, cooked and ready to cook products. Over the last 50 years we have focused on mastering our craft of growing the highest quality, great tasting vegetables and continually developing our product offering. Key to our success is our established partnership with Lidl Northern Ireland. As the region’s fastest-growing supermarket, we’ve been able to realise our ambitious growth plans, break into new markets, reach new customers and grow our brand exponentially through the partnership.” – John McCann Founder & CEO 

This announcement will be followed by even more fresh, quality convenience food at the great Willowbrook Foods value our customers have come to expect from ourselves and Lidl. Our partnership with Lidl has always been strong as they are proud supporters of local Northern Ireland agri-food producers. Over the years Lidl has seen WIllowbrook Foods grow as a fresh foods company and with this new contract we can only hope our partnership grows stronger and it provides a significant sales boost for both companies.

At Willowbrook Foods we have always been a leader in providing premium quality prepped vegetables, salads, cooked and ready to cook products. From the beginning our focus has been mastering the craft of growing the highest quality of great tasting veg to Northern Ireland and beyond.

We are delighted with this new deal with Lidl Supermarket. This partnership has already created new jobs for those across the UK and following this deal 25 new product lines will be introduced across Willowbrook Foods’ premium range of ready meals, stir fry and deli salads. 

Keep your eyes peeled for our new products that will be available in Lidl stores!

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