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Why Choose Fresh-Cut Produce in Northern Ireland
Fresh-cut produce northern ireland

Today, fresh-cut produce is becoming a staple in Northern Ireland. Many homes and restaurants are choosing to opt for fresh-cut produce thanks to the ease it brings to our everyday lives. Whether saving time whilst cooking your dinner or opting for a healthier snack option, it’s hard to ignore the many benefits opting for fresh-cut produce offers. 

Fresh-cut produce, also known as pre-cut produce, is any raw produce that has been cleaned, cut, and packaged for ease of use or retail sale. Unlike the raw alternatives available, these types of produce are considered processed foods as they have been altered from their original form. Today, there is a belief that all processed foods are bad for you. However, pre-cut produce boasts the same nutrients as whole produce that you buy. 

“Consumption of fresh-cut produce has increased rapidly in recent years… demand is expected to represent 20% of the total food market in the near future”

Fresh-cut produce in Northern Ireland makes it easier for restaurants or home cooks to make a quick and healthy meal. In every day life, cutting and prepping produce can be very time consuming. There are a few reasons why households and restaurants may opt for fresh-cut produce in Northern Ireland. The main reason is that it saves time and effort required to cut the produce. At home, this gives you more time to relax and focus on the things you love. In a restaurant setting, not only does it save time, it can save a lot of money too. Restaurants can save on wages by eliminating the time spent cutting and prepping.

One common misconception on pre-cut produce is that it is worse value for money than buying whole fruit or vegetables. Whilst it is the slightly more expensive option, pre-cut produce helps to eliminate food waste. For example, when buying a whole pineapple, after cutting it, around 1/3 of the original weight is food waste. When buying pre-cut produce, you get the exact amount of food you pay for.    

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