50 Whiterock Rd, Killinchy, Newtownards, BT23 6PT


The Willowbrook Foods technical team ensures the supply of products are of the required quality and comply with all relevant legislation. 


  • The company has achieved BRC Grade A accreditation for 10 years
  • The department uses the Willowbrook Foods Quality Management Systems to implement HACCP systems within the context of good manufacturing practices.
  • Client specifications are satisfied by carrying out frequent checks on quality and the meticulous monitoring of both the process and production environments.
  • Daily sensory evaluations are completed to verify the quality of all products in terms of packaging, presentation, taste and texture.
  • Production and process scheduling, and strict procurement procedures, ensure that all ingredients can be traced back throughout the supply chain.
  • Our shelf life analysis ensures that all Willowbrook Foods products are in optimum condition and safe to consume throughout their shelf life.



We are Ireland’s largest processor of lettuce and salad bowls and currently produce numerous products under our Willowbrook Foods label, for catering and for retailer own-label.

With our newly built state of the art 60,000 sq. ft factory in Killinchy we have the capacity to increase production, providing state of the art machinery and create a more efficient production environment.

    We also have extensive capabilities and expertise in the following:

        • Traditional & Bespoke Vegetable Preparation

        • Beansprout Production

        • Steam Cooking

        • Gas Flushing

        • Mayonnaise Production

        • Optical Sorting

        • Blast Chilling

        • Heat sealing

    Categories we specialise in include:

    • Salad Bags

    • Salad Bowls

    • Prepared Vegetables

    • Mash Potatoes and Vegetables

    • Prepared Stir Fries

    • Cooked Noodles & Pasta

    • Dressed Salads

    • Lunch Options

    • Ready-to-go Meal Options

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