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Summer Food Essentials

Let’s make this summer tasty. Here at WillowBrook Fine Foods we offer a range of delicious food options to make this summer enjoyable. 

Foods that are perfect for summer or perfect to pair with a food of your choice are, 

Salads: At Willowbrook, Innovation is at the forefront of our business. Along with everyday classic recipes our team are continually developing recipes considering convenience, taste, consumer trends & value. 

  • Ready to eat salad leaves, side salads & salad bowl
  • Extensive range of classic & bespoke recipes
  • Advanced Technology
  • Modern & innovative processes including delicate touch washing & drying

Vegetables: We have a comprehensive range of freshly prepared vegetables that are ready to cook. Our vegetables provide at least 1 of your 5 a day requirement, tasty & nutritional.

  • Ready to cook prepared vegetables
  • Produced from the finest freshest ingredients ensuring quality & taste
  • Modern & innovative processes
  • Convenience made easy

Stirfry and Noodles: Unique and creative stir-fries presenting fresh nutritious food inspired from the Asian community and oriental world dishes for instant cooking by you.

  • The Willowbrook wok experience quick, easy and ready in minutes stir fry
  • Simple, quick and delicious family meal, perfect for summer

Deli Salads: Using our own recipe of mayonnaise our traditional products like coleslaw & potato salad are one of the best in the market. Following extensive research and development our innovation team created a delicious range of products to meet every customer’s needs.

  • Classic, innovative and low fat options
  • Convenient, delicious and versatile meal accompaniment
  • Traditional or bespoke range adapting to market trends

Food to go: We wanted to give our customers a substitute to the standard lunchtime sandwich. After a lot of research & development we created a range of products that are versatile for a number of different uses.

  • Convenient, delicious and nutritious range of products
  • Suitable for lunch, picnics or a light meal
  • Produced from the finest freshest ingredients ensuring quality & taste
  • Both classic and authentic style products

Cooked Products: Here at Willowbrook Foods we have researched around the world to bring you.

Something different in quality and flavour. Our Food Innovation Centre have been constant in developing new recipes for major launch across the UK and Ireland. Special oil and spices have been designed by our Food Technologists to ensure healthy eating.

  • We use only quality ingredients sourced from authentic suppliers
  • Advanced technology cooking process using state of the art cooking facilities
  • Extensive range of classic and bespoke recipes
  • The unique ingredients make the difference, but also the new cooking methods give our products the home made taste and flavour

Mash and root vegetables products

We have designed our facilities & machinery to produce high volume products with the same delicious taste & texture you would get from your own kitchen. Did you know our mashed products are low in fat, sugar and salt.

From traditional recipes to bespoke recipes, we can do it all

  • Freshly cooked using locally sourced produce 
  • Produced from the finest freshest ingredients ensuring quality & taste
  • No artificial additives, colouring or preservatives
  • Modern & innovative processes including delicate steam cooking

Happy eating!

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