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‘State of the Art’ Machinery at Willowbrook Foods
'State of the Art' Machinery at Willowbrook Foods

We’ve got exciting news! 

Willowbrook Foods are proud to announce that we have commissioned the build of two new salad lines. These machines are ‘State of the art – Industry Leading’ pieces of equipment allowing us to offer enhanced quality and shelf life to our customers both existing and new. The first machine will be installed in the coming days and the second shortly after. This advanced equipment will allow Willowbrook Foods to produce the best quality washed bagged salads for Retail and Wholesale.  Both machines span a distance of 30 metres each and can produce between 500kg and 1.5tonne per hour, depending on variety.  

Here at Willowbrook Foods, we have been a leader in the forefront of premium prepared fresh vegetables and salads, cooked and ready to cook products. Success has been built on continuous improvements in product developments and processes expanding throughout Ireland and Great Britain.

At Willowbrook Foods we pride ourselves on having a complete understanding of not only our client’s business’ and requirements but also on the industry and emerging food trends globally and the evolution they can show our industry. Quality is at the heart of Willowbrook Foods, ensuring all food manufactured meets our customers exact specifications. These new, modern additions to our already diverse range of machinery will further enhance the quality of our products! 

Keep your eyes peeled for our products across Ireland and Great Britain!

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