50 Whiterock Rd, Killinchy, Newtownards, BT23 6PT


    • Liaise closely with all suppliers
    • Ensure conformity to customer specification
    • Supplier visits during the growing season
    • Long term supplier relationships
    • Geographical spread to ensure supply 365
          • Suppliers selected based on
            – Location
            – Ability
            – Continuity
            – Service
            – Quality
          • Control of raw materials via
            – Crop Reports
            – In-house audit checks
            – Final product check

            Willowbrook Foods ensures the best quality products are sourced 365 days per year. With our technical and procurement team visiting our suppliers on frequent basis monitoring crop reports.

            Winter Sourcing: Spain, Italy, France, Holland

            Summer Sourcing: England, Holland

            Willowbrook Suppliers

            We have long-standing relationships with our key growers and suppliers, in Ireland, the UK and Europe.

            Our growers and suppliers are able to supply conventional ingredients as well as organic components.

            Our efficient supply chain and the latest production scheduling tools, combined with a flexible seven day shift pattern, give us the flexibility to react quickly to orders with short lead times.

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