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Seasonal Vegetables in Northern Ireland
seasonal vegetables in northern ireland

All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey…….

As summer goes into hibernation for another year, it’s time to put on your favourite sweater and cuddle up by the fire. With the fun of BBQ’s and picnics fading into the distance, we thought it would be best to promote the seasonal vegetables of Northern Ireland that fight through the frost to provide you with all the nutrition and health benefits you need during the colder weather. 

These seasonal vegetables of Northern Ireland thrive when you need them the most so let’s give them the spotlight and let them shine this autumn and winter!

Seasonal Vegetables of Northern Ireland:


Carrots are packed full with a range of nutrients including Vitamins A & C, Calcium and Iron (amongst many others!) Some of the health benefits of eating carrots include regulated blood pressure, improved oral health, improved digestion and helps look after your heart. 


The brilliant cousin of the carrot, parsnips are rich in Vitamins B, C & E and are extremely rich in fibre that will aid digestion. Similar to carrots, parsnips are good for your heart and do wonders for your bones and teeth. (They are also amazing when honey roasted, but I’m sure you already know!)


Filled with antioxidants and calcium, iron, magnesium, and fibre this purple superfood also boasts high levels of Vitamins A & C. Not only do they add a little zing to your food, beets have amazing anti-inflammatory properties and can help lower blood pressure.

Brussels sprouts

Everyone’s favourite, brussels sprouts are rich in Vitamins K & C, fatty acids and antioxidants that help the body lower cholesterol, detoxify and fight inflammation. (Try them with pistachio and pomegranate, trust me.)


With pumpkin spice season in full swing, let’s take a look at what the real deal can do for you. Packed to the brim with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, pumpkin is one of the healthiest vegetables on the market. Its low calories makes it a brilliant food for aiding weight loss and does wonders for your skin.

Butternut Squash

Similar to a pumpkin, butternut squash is considered to be a bit sweeter and less stringier but contains slightly more vitamins a & c and twice as much iron! This amazing vegetable also boosts immunity, reduces blood pressure and is also amazing for weight loss. Why not throw some into a soup with some pumpkin to reap both the benefits?


Not loved by everyone but you can’t ignore the amazing number of nutrients in turnips! Loaded with vitamins a,b,c & k, calcium, potassium and fibre, this root vegetable strengthens your body’s immunity, strengthens your bones and can even help fight off the cold and flu!

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