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Organic September in Northern Ireland
Organic September in Northern Ireland

This month is Organic September in Northern Ireland. The month is a celebration of the organic growth and production of food across the UK. Go Organic is encouraging people across the country to celebrate the beauty of nature. By doing this, we also support healthier local produce and better wildlife. 

In the face of climate change, it is important to do whatever we can. We must reduce our carbon footprint and help the environment. This means that we can protect all the ‘healthy’ insects, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

What are the benefits of choosing organic produce in Northern Ireland?

There are many benefits of choosing to eat organic produce.

Organic produce has fewer pesticides

While many vegetables such as sweet potatoes and onions are low in pesticides, there are many that you need to carefully consider. These include tomatoes, peppers and cucumber. The Environmental Working Group reported these vegetables to contain the most pesticides. Therefore, choosing organic produce will reduce the likelihood of digesting pesticides. If pesticide residue is present in your food, it can lead to digestive and hormonal issues. 

Organic processes are better for the environment

Food produced organically is much better for the environment. This is because there is reduced pollution, better water conservation, less energy used, and improved soil fertility. As well to this, organic methods of food production are more beneficial. This is because they protect insects and wildlife from toxic chemicals. Therefore, Organic September in Northern Ireland is extremely beneficial for the environment and ecosystems. 

Organic food is more nutritious in Northern Ireland

Organically-produced food is more nutritious as it contains more antioxidants and nutrients. This includes Vitamin C, Zinc and Iron. for example, organically-grown corn has 52% more Vitamin C than its counterpart. 

So, should I be eating organically throughout September in Northern Ireland?

As we mentioned, some foods are better to invest more money in to ensure they are organic (such as peppers and cucumbers). However, whilst you may make changes to your eating habits to reduce pesticides and chemicals, this is not all that matters. 

Every day, we are exposed to countless pesticides and chemicals. For example, the cleaning products you use or the treatments we use to protect our pets against pests. Therefore, you should make small changes where possible but consider the broader picture too.

Doing our bit this September at Willowbrook Foods

We have been creating fresh produce in Killinchy for over 30 years at Willowbrook Foods. Our expertise and knowledge show how important it is to conserve the environment. Therefore, we are working hard this September to do our bit throughout Organic September and reduce our carbon footprint, whilst protecting the environment. 

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