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National Salad Month
National Salad Month

Did you know that May is National Salad Month? 

At Willowbrook Foods we love salads all year round..but the month of May is dedicated solely to National Salad Month. As Ireland’s largest bagged Salad producer, we provide the most delicious prepared vegetables and salads across Ireland. From our base in Newtownards, Northern Ireland, we are passionate about bringing our customers the freshest produce possible for their salads. With our years of industry experience, especially in the Northern Ireland food industry, we know all the tips and tricks.

A quick solution for dinner or lunch can be an easy and creative way to encourage healthy eating habits and get all the components of a balanced meal. 

Salads are simple, yet tasty meals that are high in nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, fibre, and folate. These nutrients are important in promoting good vision, supporting immune function, and acting as antioxidants to help fight chronic diseases. 

Salad Recipe Ideas

From our experience as ‘experts,’ we have gathered some quirky recipe ideas for you to try this month: 

-Fennel, Roast Lemon & Tomato 

Combine roasted lemon with fronds of fennel, cherry tomatoes, pomegranate and herbs to make this colourful summer salad. It makes a perfect sharing dish. 

-Charred corn, Chicken & Tortilla with Chipotle Yoghurt Dressing 

Try this vibrant recipe with or without the chicken. If you’re serving it as a side to kebabs or sausages, swap it out for some crumbled feta, if you have it.  

-Roasted Beetroot & Raw Honey 

Serve up a fibre-rich lunch or side dish with this beetroot, feta and green lentil salad. Bursting with colour, it’s full of flavour and nutrients. 

-Quinoa, Goat’s Cheese & Peach 

Make this tabbouleh-inspired quinoa, chard, goat’s cheese and grilled peach salad as something different for lunch. It’s full of textures and fresh flavours. 

When we think of salad, we typically think of a traditional green salad full of different types of lettuces.  However, it is important to note that you can switch up your salad base to create a whole new recipe! This can include grilled vegetables, whole wheat pasta, quinoa, and fruit. 

Mix and match your favourite salad bases and toppings to find your favourite salad! There’s something for everyone!

At Willowbrook Food we have a comprehensive range of freshly prepared vegetables that are ready to cook. Providing both core and added value lines Willowbrook can offer both Branded and Own Label products to meet your needs. From our base in Northern Ireland, we provide products to customers across the whole of Ireland and the United Kingdom!

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