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Innovation Hub
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2021 is going to be an exciting year for “The Innovation Centre”. 

We have extended our Innovation Centre and opened our new “Innovation Hub” in January 2021. 
Our aim is to make our Innovation Centre the fundamental driver of our business. With a team of experience Customer Relations Managers our aim is to provide our customers with high quality innovative products and solutions that are tailored to their needs with the ethos of “We Care”, “We are Passionate” and “We are at their side”.

How we do it

We start with our “Think Tank” and then follow the steps below:

We are Private Label, Food Service and Manufacturing Specialists using the following channels to identify gaps in our customers’ range, and to ensure all lines which are progressed through the product design department are in-keeping with market data and instore trends. We also feel it is very important to ensure we have the knowledge of lines launched in the UK and ROI to remain in line with trends.

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