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Importance of Food Innovation
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Food innovation is the developmental process of new food products and production processes in order to find more nutritious food products. 

Consumer demands and expectations are constantly evolving and retailers are seeking new products to meet these needs. Innovation is the vital spark in the food industry and is essential in ensuring profitability.  

Right now, innovation is happening rapidly. With the rise of the ‘vegan’ era, food companies have had to implement diversification and innovation to maintain a competitive edge in an already competitive industry. More and more consumers are looking for food products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly, with the plant-based industry experiencing significant growth in recent years. 

-Business Survival and Growth: If you do not change what you offer the market, the market will leave you behind. In short, survival is not compulsory. Food businesses that survive and grow do so because they are capable of change. With innovation comes opportunities to grow and expand into new markets. The process allows for businesses to gain a competitive advantage over competitors as it allows you to better your products and services for your customers. 

-Positive impact on company culture: Innovation also has a positive impact on company culture as it increases the ability to acquire, create and make the best use of competencies, skills and knowledge. Innovative practices help to create a culture of continuous learning and growth development. 

-Environmental Sustainability: Sustainability and environmental issues, such as climate change, are challenges that require a lot of work and innovative solutions now and in the future. Food businesses and innovation are hugely impacted by climate change. According to researchers at University of Oxford, cutting meat and dairy products from your diet could reduce an individual’s carbon footprint from food by up to 73%. 

Willowbrook Foods offer a unique dedicated INNOVATION HUB in the heart of Ireland ‘ The Food Island’ Our farming background, procurement knowledge and cooking experience gives us the ability to partner and service cost effective and efficient solutions, offering product development, packaging and market data. Since the early days Willowbrook Farm and Foods have been a leader in the forefront of premium prepared fresh vegetables and salads, cooked and ready to cook products. Success has been built on continuous improvements in product developments and processes expanding throughout Ireland and Great Britain. 

We pride ourselves on having a complete understanding of not only our client’s business’ and requirements but also on the industry and emerging food trends globally and the evolution they can show our industry. Our passion in our sectors ensures all prospective and existing customers put development first, our customers want development and we love giving it.

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