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How to make the perfect salad
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The perfect salad is all about balance; the delicious dressing, a pop of flavour with some herbs and all your favourite fillings. Whether it is a side dish or the main meal, there are few things better than a refreshing salad. The good thing is that they have minimal preparation time and still turn out delicious. At Willowbrook Foods, we love everything about salads and we are always thinking of new things we could try to make our salads even better. 

Here are a few tips we have picked up during our many years of making delicious salads: 

Start with a leafy base 

A leafy base is the first step to a tasty salad.  Whether you’re sticking with the classics of iceberg, endive, and radicchio, or branching out to some spinach, kale or watercress, keeping your salad leafy is the way forward. This will provide a nutrient dense base of your salad. 

Next up add some colour

We don’t do boring salads! Bulking up your salad with colourful veg is both nutritious and appetising. Green, yellow, red and orange bell peppers are a tasty way to bulk up your salad and at the same time, adding a bit of colour to your leafy greens. A few more ways you can add colour to your salad are with:

  • Red onion
  • Tomatoes 
  • Avocado 
  • Sweetcorn
  • Chillis 

Don’t diss the carbs!

Carbs get a bad rep but at Willowbrook Foods we are big advocates for some carbs to make your salad a little more filling. Sweet potato cubes are an excellent way to add some healthy carbs to your salad without feeling too guilty! Why not make it a pasta salad to fuel your day! Willowbrook Foods have a great selection of delicious cooked pasta that are super easy to add in. 

Protein is important

The word protein can scare some people as it is associated with gym goers or bodybuilders but really protein is important for everyone! Protein is an excellent way to bulk up your salad and add that extra taste to your meal. Protein comes in all forms; chicken, beef, cod, salmon or if you prefer a veggie option you can choose tofu, chickpeas, falafel, to mention a few. 

Get saucy

The final touch to create a tasty salad is of course the sauce! Your choice of sauce can make or break your salad. Add a little spice to your salad with some hot sauce, these red dribbles over your salad can make you forget you’re eating so healthy! If you can’t handle spice then some caesar dressing might be the best option to enhance the taste of your salad. 

Whatever type of salad you are feeling, we bet Willowbrook Foods have the ingredients to make your salad fresh, colourful, delicious and well, PERFECT!

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