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Healthy Winter Food Ideas
winter food ideas

Here at Willowbrook Foods, we love healthy and hearty winter meals for those cold Northern Ireland winter nights. From celeriac soup and traditional irish stew to parsnip salad, there is no end to the seasonal options you have to choose from. We have a wide range of vegetables and ingredients that would be perfect for healthy winter meals. 

Slow Cookers are Key for Winter meals

Just throw everything in and let it cook all day? That’s what is so good about slow cookers- prepare your meal the night before, go to work, and it’s all ready for when you come home! Perfect for irish stew, lentil casserole and homemade curry, all dishes that are high in nutrients and can warm you up after a hard day of work. 

Winter Soups

Nothing beats a warming bowl of soup on a cold winter’s day. A cup of soup can warm you up instantly and provide you with all your daily nutrients! Here are some winter soup ideas:

-Chunky Mushroom  

-Traditional Vegetable Broth 

-Creamy Celeriac 

-Parsnip and Apple 

-Red Pepper and Tomato 

-Leek and Potato 

-Sweet Potato 

Casseroles and Pies 

When the temperatures drop, we need good, hearty meals to fill us up on the winter evenings. Casseroles and pies are the perfect way to get in those extra carbs and provide the whole family with a filling dinner. Casseroles are an easy, slow cooker meal which can be used for dinners and even packed lunches! The standard Shephard and Cottage pie are always a winter staple in many kitchens. Quick and easy to make, they provide almost week-long meals. Here are some casserole and pie recipe ideas for you to try: 

-Sweet Potato and Black Bean Shepherd’s Pie 

-Roasted Root Vegetable, red rice and lentil Casserole 

-Vegan Jackfruit Stew 

-Cheesy Ground Beef and Cauliflower Casserole 

-Chicken and Stuffing Casserole 

-Lamb, Red wine and Rosemary Pie 

Here at Willowbrook Foods, we love seeing new recipes coming to life. Whatever winter recipe you are trying out, check if we have the ingredients to make your recipe even better!


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