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Health Trends of 2022
Health trends of 2022 Northern Ireland

After over 2 years of being in the grips of a global pandemic, it seems like 2022 is the year we are finally coming out of the COVID-19 stronghold. From that, new health trends have come to the fore. Here at Willowbrook Foods we like to keep up-to-date with health trends as it helps maintain our innovation ethos to deliver the healthiest products possible. A healthy lifestyle is something we should strive for everyday and keeping up with the recent trends will help us achieve that. 

Improving your Gut Health 

Prioritising your gut health is increasingly popular. Gut health can refer both to your digestive system – also known as your gastrointestinal (GI) tract – and the balance of bacteria in your gut. Your gut digests food, houses a range of bacteria, absorbs energy and nutrients, and gets rid of waste products. Your diet is one of the biggest influences on our gut health, so it’s important to eat a variety of foods, including whole foods, fruit, and vegetables. Processed foods are often high in additives and preservatives, and these can disrupt the healthy bacteria in your gut. At Willowbrook Foods, we are a fresh food producer so we know exactly the benefits of fresh produce, not only for your gut health but your overall health. We provide healthy products to customers all across Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK. 

Becoming more Eco-Friendly 

Eco and climate anxiety are growing and that can be a normal response to what’s happening in the world. The climate crisis is one of the most important issues facing our generation- so of course, it is going to be on the minds of many people today. To make sure your eco-friendly habits stick, start by making one or two small changes to live greener, and build them up over time. For example, choose local, seasonal foods where possible, and reduce food waste by planning meals in advance. 

Boosting your Immune System 

Due to stresses and strains that the global pandemic placed on us, many of us are now focusing on making sure our immune systems are able to fight infections and viruses. A strong immune system isn’t something you develop overnight but instead boosting your health and fitness in the weeks leading up to a much-anticipated event can make a huge difference. You can boost your immune system by eating a more varied diet, sleeping well, getting your daily dose of vitamin D (add a supplement during the winter months). 


Not only does moving your body have a positive impact on your physical health, but it’s a great way to celebrate what your body can do and boost your self-esteem. Research shows that combining mindfulness with exercise has lots of benefits, including lowering your risk of depression, and giving your endurance a boost. Regular exercise can also boost your mood, relieve stress and reduce anxiety. This is because of ‘feel good’ chemicals such as serotonin that are released into the body whilst exercising.  

Track your Stress Levels

Another trend for the new year is tracking your stress levels. Some fitness and stress trackers worn on your wrist are now able to track your cortisol levels, but there are other options. Try taking note of any physical or mental stress symptoms, including pain or tension in your body, digestive problems such as nausea or constipation, and an increased heart rate. Emotional signs to look for include irritability, anger, feeling overwhelmed and racing thoughts.

​​Willowbrook farm has two factories in Newtownards and Killinchy so you know exactly where your produce is processed. We are continually working towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious workplace.

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