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Do you know the importance of food sourcing well? Have you really considered where your food is coming from? When and where was the product you are eating harvested and shelved? Is it really fresh or is it pumped with conservatives? 

Should you really let these questions concern you? 

I think personally you should care about where your food comes from because knowing more about what is entering our bodies should be vitally important. I know that life can get pretty hectic whether you are young, independent and career driven or more mature, running after the family and feeling burnt out but your body is a wonderful gift that needs to be fueled well. Sourcing food well is a skill in itself and whether you are young or old there is always opportunities to change your lifestyle for the better

Three reasons you should food source

  1. Knowing where your food comes from closes the gap from farm to table

Due to the high demands of today’s culture to get ‘what you want when you want it’, the physical distance between the producer and consumer is extensively vast. This is because society is constantly importing and exporting goods for the farthest corners of the world to satisfy the needs of the western world.

The online figures say that we are importing more food now than ever with more than 50% coming from overseas. Would you believe that that includes 95% of the fruit that we eat! Kids have no concept that for example cheese comes from cows or crisps come from potatoes.

Improving the relationship that people have with food sourcing can make such a positive impact and could inspire your dishes. This is because, as a consumer, you should view each month as a different menu that is bursting with new tastes and flavours. This won’t harm your finances as sourcing produce when it is at its peak will generally reduce your food bill as it is cheaper. It keeps you on your toes and demands creativity. 

  1. It will reduce your carbon footprint

The food that you consume doesn’t travel as far to get to your fridge therefore less carbon emissions negatively impact the environment. We should be aiming for as few miles as possible as we are stewarding the earth and by making better choices it will help reduce pollution and protect our planet. That is our responsibility and it is one that everyone should consider, therefore making better decisions in sourcing could really make a difference.

  1. You care about fueling your body well

Fresh, made from scratch whole foods is amazing for your body as opposed to processed foods that can translate into preservatives, dangerous trans fats, sugar and sodiums. It is proven that local food is more nutritious as fruits and vegetables begin to lose their nutrients within 24 hours of being picked.

Final tips

It can be tricky to know where to start when it comes to sourcing your fruit, vegetables and other produce especially when you have a busy lifestyle. Local food is definitely more tasty, fresh and nourishing. Knowing where to support does not have to be hard. If you are from Northern Ireland then look no further, Willowbrook Farm has a vast range of delicious products to choose from; deli salads, stir frys and prepared vegetables that will fulfil all those fresh cravings. 

In Willowbrook Farm, at the heart of our company are our long-lasting relationships with our suppliers and their support. They also have a dedicated procurement team that visit the people that are growing the produce that are contracted on a partnership basis. Willowbrook farm has two factories in Newtownards and Killinchy so you know exactly where your produce is treated.  

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