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Cut Down on Food Waste
cut down on food waste

Embarking on a journey to reduce food waste shouldn’t just be a personal goal, it’s a collective responsibility. It can positively impact our well-being, finances, and the environment. The unfortunate reality is that a significant amount of perfectly good food ends up being thrown away. This practice isn’t sustainable for our wallets or the planet. Fortunately, taking steps to cut down on food waste at home has never been more accessible, thanks to some simple yet impactful strategies.

Meal Prep

One key approach to cut down on food waste begins with planning meals and creating shopping lists before heading to the grocery store. By outlining a weekly menu and sticking to a shopping list, you can avoid impulse purchases and ensure that every item serves a purpose. Additionally, embracing batch cooking proves to be a simple and cost-effective method of meal prep, particularly for versatile dishes like bolognese, chilli, and curry.

Proper Storage

Proper storage plays an important role in preserving food items. Investing in airtight containers and adhering to specific storage requirements can significantly extend the shelf life of perishables. Keeping fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator and freezing items that you won’t eat straight away are effective ways to minimise food waste


Starting a composting system at home for unavoidable food scraps provides a sustainable solution. Composting not only stops waste going to landfills but also creates a nutrient-rich soil for gardening, closing the loop on the food cycle.

Using Leftovers

Transforming leftovers into tasty dishes can breathe new life into leftover food. Yesterday’s roasted vegetables can become a flavorful soup, and extra rice can be repurposed into a quick stir-fry. The possibilities are both endless and delicious. This offers a creative outlet to ensure that no ingredient goes to waste.

In this pursuit of food sustainability, explore a variety of leftover recipes, including satisfying pies, salads, puddings, and pasta bakes. Share your favourite creations on social media, and let’s inspire each other. Together, we can make a significant impact—one delicious meal at a time. Get some other tips and tricks here.

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