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Get Prepared for BBQ Season with Willowbrook Foods
Willowbrook Salad BBQ Season

Summer is nearly upon us! Get ahead of the busy BBQ Season. Check out the range of Willowbrook Foods prepared salads, salad bowls, pasta salads and deli salads that your customers will love. We pride ourselves on producing high quality salads at competitive rates! 

Salad bowls

Explore the delicious Willowbrook salad bowl consisting of juicy sweetcorn and crunchy carrots. Or try the Willowbrook seasonal salad bowl containing the colours of the rainbow – purple crunchy cabbage, crisp green and red lettuce leaves and vibrant orange carrots. 

To add to your retail range we have chicken and bacon, cheese, tomato and basil and pesto pasta salads which are popular choices during BBQ season.

The Willowbrook crisp iceberg, sliced cos, baby leaf and Italian salad are washed in our state-of-the-art environmentally friendly wash lines. Therefore they ensure that your lettuce leaf needs are consistently of premium quality.  

BBQ tip: Our new Rainbow crunchy salad bag is perfect as a topper on a chargrilled brioche burger.

Deli salads

To complement our salad bags, bowls and pasta salads we have a wide range of deli salads. These include tuna and sweetcorn, egg mayonnaise, smooth potato salad, diced potato salad and traditional and deli coleslaws. This range is available in both retail and food-service sizes.

Potato salads & Mash

Our made-on-site mashed potato is used in our smooth potato salad. Using our own produce ensures we have full control over the quality of the ingredients going into our products. Also, it means that we can create a quick turnaround on orders for both the summer and winter period. Our extensive mash range includes carrot and swede, creamy mashed potato, colcannon, champ and mashed turnip. Our delicious Christmas range includes buttery roast potato, honey mustard parsnips and spiced red cabbage.

We are proud of our 50 years of experience in producing award-winning mash and delicious meal accompaniments, using premium ingredients locally to support our local farmers.

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