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B2B Food Distribution
B2B food distribution

At Willowbrook Foods, we pride ourselves on being a reliable and versatile B2B food distribution partner. We cater to the unique needs of the retail, food service, and manufacturing sectors. Our commitment to quality, variety, and exceptional service sets us apart in the industry.

Retail: A Vast Range of Tempting Offerings 

Partnering with major retail stores and discounters across Ireland and the UK . Willowbrook Foods offers an extensive selection of salad lines, deli products, prepped vegetables, potato and root veg mash designed to entice any consumer. We provide both core and added value lines, offering both branded and own label products to suit your specific requirements.

Food Service: Fresh and Flavourful Ingredients for Iconic Brands 

Willowbrook Foods supplies some of the most iconic high street brands. With fresh ingredients utilised in pizzas, salads, subs, and more. Our bespoke salads crafted for fast casual restaurant chains are delivered efficiently through leading UK food distributors. This ensures our clients receive top-notch quality to delight their patrons.

Manufacturing: Elevating the Ready Meal Market 

A growing segment of our business is dedicated to supporting the industrial and ready meal market sectors across GB and Ireland. Our commitment to providing quality, assurance, and consistency empowers our customers to enhance their offerings in the retail and wholesale sectors with confidence.

Willowbrook Foods is not merely a food distributor; we are your strategic partner in growth and success. Our dedication to understanding and fulfilling the unique demands of each sector sets us on a continuous path of innovation. Trust us to deliver fresh, high-quality products that elevate your business and delight your customers. Find out more on our services here.

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