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A Plant-Based Future
a plant-base future

A common misconception of a Plant-based diet is that you have to remove all meat from your diet- this is not the case! The food industry in Northern Ireland is thriving, with 75% of the land used for agriculture. Meat and dairy is the largest sector within the food industry in Northern Ireland, making up 80%, compared to the rest of the UK which is 50%.  It is important to remember that farming animals uses more land, water and chemicals than growing crops like potatoes, carrots and lettuce. 

What exactly is a Plant-Based Future? 

Adopting a more plant-based lifestyle can lessen the impact of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions that result from food production. The plant-based alternatives market in the EU and the UK is set to be worth €7.5 billion by 2025. According to Sainsbury’s Future of Food report, by 2025, vegans and vegetarians will make up a quarter of the British population and flexitarians just under half of all UK consumers. With a huge number of revolutionary plant-based products being launched every month, it is almost impossible to keep up, and it isn’t just cutting-edge start-ups leading the way. 

The consumer appetite for plant-based food only continues to grow, with one in five Brits cutting down on their meat consumption during the Covid-19 pandemic and 15% reducing their dairy or egg intake over the lockdown period, according to The Vegan Society. 

What are the Benefits of a Plant-based diet? 

There are many benefits to integrating a plant-based diet into your life. In recent years there has been extensive research into the benefits of a more plant-based diet which has led to its continued popularity. 

-The Nutritional Benefits 

Eating more plant based foods means you will be increasing all the ‘good’ nutrients while decreasing the ‘bad’ nutrients. Plants are full of great nutrients, such as fibre, that require little digestion so go right into the bloodstream to give us an energy boost. These diets tend to provide higher amounts of dietary fibre, whilst being lower in saturated fat and free sugars, than other dietary patterns. 

-Fight Diseases 

Staying well and healthy is a major incentive for trying a plant based diet. Who knew that eating more plant based foods fights serious illnesses such as heart disease and cancer. Eating more fresh fruit and vegetables has been proven to lower the risk of diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Also, as vegetables and fruit and filled with fibre, they are very beneficial for your overall gut health. 

-Good for the Environment 

We are in the middle of an environmental crisis so we all want to do our bit, cutting down on the amount of meat and dairy we eat can make our planet healthier too. Animal agriculture is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, more than the exhaust of all transportation modes combined. Some studies suggest that by adopting a plant based diet can cut your carbon footprint by 50%. 

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