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5 vegetables to add to your Northern Ireland diet
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At Willowbrook Foods, we manufacture and supply a wide range of freshly prepared vegetables, salads, and cooked products across Northern Ireland. We pride ourselves on having a holistic understanding of the food industry, and we are committed to providing the freshest produce across the country. 

We are all about saving time where we can, that’s why we offer a comprehensive range of prepared vegetables and salads which are ready to cook. These are tasty, nutritious and one of your 5 a day. As well as this, our food products are manufactured using the finest ingredients with state-of-the-art technologies in our Killinchy and Newtownards factories. 

As a result of our cutting-edge research and development, we have comprised a list of 8 vegetables you should be eating in Northern Ireland: 

1. Add Spinach to your Northern Ireland diet

Spinach is a vegetable belonging to the same food family as beetroot and quinoa. It has a bitter taste, which is balanced with a slight saltiness. Spinach has many health benefits, including: 

  • Better vision. Spinach contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals that improve overall eye health. These include chlorophyll and carotenoids which prevent cataracts. 
  • Improved energy levels. Being rich in iron, spinach helps boost energy levels. This is because iron improves the flow of oxygen around the body, supporting energy production. 
  • Support cardiac health. Spinach contains minerals which encourage better blood flow and pressure. Therefore, this vegetable helps reduce the likelihood of heart disease and stroke. 
  • Stronger, healthier bones. As an excellent source of Vitamin K, spinach is extremely beneficial for maintaining bone health. 

2. Carrots

Carrots are one of the best root vegetables to add to your diet. They are packed with vitamins and minerals which have a range of benefits, including: 

  • Improved eye health. Containing more than 200% of the daily target for Vitamin A, carrots are an important nutrient for better eyesight. A lack of Vitamin A in the diet leads to night blindness and damaged vision. 
  • Blood sugar. Carrots contain high levels of soluble fibres which help promote healthy insulin and blood sugar levels. As well as this, these fibres result in better digestive health. 
  • A better immunity system. Full of Vitamin C, carrots are vital for immune support and healing. In addition to this, Vitamin A also supports the immune system. These vitamins play an important role in keeping germs out of the body. 

3. Kale is a great vegetable to add to your diet

  • Lower cholesterol. Cholesterol is crucial for the digestion of body fats. High levels of cholesterol are dangerous, as they can result in severe cardiac issues. This includes heart disease, stroke and vascular disease.
  • Vitamin K. This is an extremely important nutrient for blood clotting and is beneficial for reducing issues associated with osteoporosis and diabetes.

4. Beetroot

Another root vegetable to add to the list of vegetables you should be eating in Northern Ireland is beetroot.

  • Fibre. Being high in fibre, beetroot promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut. Therefore, it benefits the digestive system. Healthy bacteria are also crucial for the immune system – fighting off germs. 

Increased stamina. Beetroot contains nutrients which help your heart and lungs endure more during exercise. This is because they increase blood flow to the muscles. It is extremely common for professional athletes to drink beetroot juice to improve their performance.

5. Brussel Sprouts

Though they are a controversial topic at the dinner table, brussel sprouts have many health benefits: 

  • Compounds. Research has shown that brussel sprouts contain compounds that prevent damage to your DNA that increase your chances of getting cancer. 
  • Omega 3. For those who don’t eat a lot of fish and seafood, getting a sufficient level of Omega 3 can be difficult. Luckily, you can find some in brussel sprouts! These fatty acids are crucial for heart health and brain function. 

Feel the benefits of vegetables in your Northern Ireland diet

By adding these 5 vegetables into your diet in Northern Ireland, you will feel the health benefits very soon. Shop our extensive range of prepared vegetables and salads at Willowbrook Foods.

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